Ochsner employees, finish your degree with Compete LA

Ochsner has partnered with Compete LA to create opportunities for employees to finish earning their degrees. Created for Louisianians with some college credit, Compete LA features a variety of online degree programs and other convenient class structures from the universities you know and love.

Take the first step toward your brighter future by joining Compete LA.

What is Compete LA?

Compete LA is a program designed to help you complete your degree. The program is designed for Louisianians with some college credit and features a variety of online degree programs and other convenient class structures from the universities you know and love to get you across the finish line. 

What can I expect?

Your personal Compete LA coach will work with you to evaluate your existing credits and goals and guide you through re-enrollment. Your coach will provide support throughout your journey to help you navigate your college experience all the way through graduation.

Why should I do this?

Ochsner encourages you to further your professional development through education. You’ve probably been thinking about finishing your degree for a while but didn’t know how to make it work with your lifestyle. Now, you have a chance to finish your degree, experience walking across the stage and improve your career. The better question is, “Why not?”

Is Compete LA right for me?

If you started your college degree but didn't graduate, we want to help you make sure the work you already put in doesn't go to waste. With dedicated coaches to guide you through your academic journey and the support of your employer, Compete LA helps you finish what you started.

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Take advantage of Ochsner's Education Reimbursement Program

Ochsner has partnered with Compete LA to connect employees with their flat-rate tuition model. In addition, Ochsner offers employees tuition reimbursement.

$3,000 for full-time and management

$2,000 for part-time employees

  • Questions about your benefits?

    Contact Ochsner’s Career Center at mycareer@ochsner.org to find out how you can get the most out the Ochsner’s partnership with Compete LA.

Partner Universities

Okay, I'm sold. How do I get started?


Join Compete LA

Fill out an application to be connected with a Compete LA Coach.


Get Matched With A Coach

Your Coach will help you select a degree program based on your experience and aspirations.


Coach Evaluates Degree Path

Your Coach will evaluate existing credits to help choose degree program


Complete Re-enrollment

Your Coach will guide you through the re-enrollment process, including scheduling and financial aid.


Stay Connected With Your Coach Through Graduation

Your Coach will provide guidance until you reach graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Compete LA?

Do you live in Louisiana? Have you earned some college credit but not enough for a bachelor's degree? Have you been out of college for at least two years? You’re eligible!

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How do I know this program is right for me?

Compete LA is designed to help you earn your degree. Your personal coach will address your specific needs and concerns and guide you toward your degree.

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How can I work and go to school?

Compete LA offers more than 60 completely online degree programs. These programs are designed with adults in mind and provide flexibility for you to complete coursework outside of normal class and working schedules. 

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Do I have to do everything alone?

No! Your personal coach will be with you for your entire journey. From enrollment to graduation, your coach will be by your side to help you earn your degree.

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How much will it cost?

You're making a great investment in your future. With Ochsner's tuition reimbursement offer combined with Compete LA's flat-rate tuition, re-enrolling to finish what you started has never been more affordable.

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How will I pay for this?

Ochsner provides tuition reimbursement for employees. Your coach can help you with financial aid opportunities, too.

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