Going back to school isn’t as hard as you think.

Don’t believe the hype? Keep reading to find out not only how we do this, but also why this is the most important decision you’ll make today.

What is Compete LA?

Compete LA is a program designed to help you complete your degree. The program includes a variety of online degree programs and other convenient class structures designed for Louisianians with some college credit.

What can I expect?

Compete LA personal coaches will guide you through the process of re-enrollment and find your fastest pathway to a degree. Your free coach will provide support to help you navigate your college journey through graduation.

Why should I do this?

That’s easy. You’ve probably been thinking about this for a while, but didn’t know how to make it work with your lifestyle. Now, you have a chance to finish your degree, experience walking across the stage, and drastically improve your career. The better question is “Why not?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Compete LA?

Do you live in Louisiana? Have you earned some college credit but not enough for a bachelor's degree? Have you been out of college for at least two years? You’re eligible!

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How do I know this program is right for me?

Compete LA is designed to help you earn your degree. Your personal coach will address your specific needs and concerns and guide you toward your degree.

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Do I have to do everything alone?

No! Your personal coach will be with you for your entire journey. From enrollment to graduation, your coach will be by your side to help you earn your degree.

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How much will it cost?

You're making a great investment in your future. Compete LA students pay a flat-rate tuition of $275 per credit hour with no fees. On occasion you may need to take a specialized courses which will still require course-specific fees.

Flat-rate Tuition

How will I pay for this?

Compete LA is a completely free program and the Universities of Louisiana are committed to maintaining low cost educational opportunities for returning adults. Partner universities have waived the application fee for Compete LA students. Your coach will guide you through the application process and help identify other available aid based on your major and circumstances.

Financial Aid

Are there any grants/aid for military students?

Yes, your coach will help connect you with the many resources available to ease your path to a degree.


Entry Points

You don’t have to delay going back to school. Compete LA offers entry points that go beyond the traditional semester calendar. Start today!

Okay, I'm sold. How do I get started?


Apply For Compete LA

Fill out an application to be connected with a Compete LA Coach.


Get Matched With A Coach

Your Coach will help you select a degree program based on your experience and aspirations.


Coach Evaluates Degree Path

Your Coach will evaluate existing credits to help choose degree program


Complete Re-enrollment

Your Coach will guide you through the re-enrollment process, including scheduling and financial aid.


Stay Connected With Your Coach Through Graduation

Your Coach will provide guidance until you reach graduation