Flat-Rate Tuition Kit

We want you to promote Compete LA through your website and various marketing channels. We welcome media inquiries about our program and the individuals enrolled. Please reach out to Katelyn Wilkerson at Katelyn.Wilkerson@ulsystem.edu.

Press release

Download university branded flat-rate graphics

Download general flat-rate tuition and zero fee graphics

Flat-rate announcement presentation

Flat-rate announcement virtual press conference

Webpage detailing flat-rate specifics

Sample social media copy:

Twitter: @Compete_LA
Facebook: Compete Louisiana

Adults face unique challenges when returning to school. @Compete_LA is addressing the financial barrier by offering flat-rate tuition and zero fees to adults who re-enroll. Explore what the program can do for you: https://competela.wpengine.com/flat-rate-tuition/

Louisiana adults with some college credit but no degree who have been out of school for at least two years are eligible for flat-rate tuition with fees built in through @Compete_LA. Explore the program: https://competela.wpengine.com/

@Compete_LA is all about convenience when it comes to adults re-enrolling in college. Compete LA students pay a flat-rate tuition so they know exactly what they’ll pay up front.

@Compete_LA takes the guess work out of returning to college. Flat-rate tuition means a clear budget for your whole degree before you begin classes. https://competela.wpengine.com/flat-rate-tuition/

Are you one of the 653,000 Louisiana adults with some college credit but no degree? @Compete_LA has special flat-rate tuition just for you. Save an average of $450 per course. Apply today at CompeteLA.org