Psychology, B.S.

Human behavior is complex, and the human mind is equally complex and mysterious. The study of psychology seeks to understand thoughts, motivations, and emotions in the formation of human behavior among individuals and within families, teams, and other systems. Psychology principles are applied widely in education, human resources, business management, marketing and consumer behavior, mental health diagnosis and treatment, and numerous other fields. Persons with bachelor’s degrees in psychology frequently go on to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology, counseling, social work, and related fields. Still more find meaningful employment in human services, law enforcement, personnel management, adult and juvenile justice, sales, and a host of other employment settings.

What’s in it for me?
• A personal coach to guide you through the enrollment process and along the path to graduation.
• Classes that meet your schedule. Many programs include 100% fully online classes, accelerated courses, or accommodating class times.
• Discounted, flat-rate tuition for students who qualify for Compete LA.
• Recognition of credits previously earned from accredited institutions.• Scholarships, financial aid and grants for eligible students.

Degree Length: 4 Years

University: McNeese State University

Classroom Format: In-Person or Online

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