Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree is meant to provide students with a flexible and individualized degree program through the unique combination of different disciplines to satisfy academic interests and maximize previously earned credit. This allows a student to “design your own degree” with the help of an academic counselor. Besides general education requirements and electives, students will meet distinct requirements in any three approved minors. The BIS is available on campus and through the Tech Barksdale Instructional Site. Depending on chosen minors, many courses are available online. Available minors through the Tech Barksdale Instructional Site include Computer Applications, Criminal Justice, Humanities, Military Science, and Social Sciences. Other minors available on campus and online are listed below.

What can I do with this degree?
Career options for BIS graduates depend on the combination of areas of study chosen. Options are wide-ranging, from journalism to law to public relations to the natural and social sciences.

The degree requires a total of 120 semester hours. Of the 120 hours required, 36 hours must be at the 300- or 400- level and 63 hours must fulfill all requirements from a minimum of any 3 (three) of the list of approved minors. Options are wide-ranging, from journalism to law to public relations to the natural and social sciences.

Accounting (18 Hours)
Actuarial Science (18 Hours)
Aerospace Studies (21 Hours)
Animal Science (21 Hours)
Architecture (20 Hours)
Art – Graphic Design (21 Hours)
Art – Photography (21 Hours)
Art – Studio (21 Hours)
Art (21 Hours)
Art History (21 Hours)
Audiology (21 Hours)
Aviation Management (21 Hours)
Biology (21 Hours)
Business Administration (21 Hours)
Business Economics (18 Hours)
Business Leadership (18 Hours)
Chemistry (19 Hours)
Communication Studies (24 Hours)
Computer Information Systems (18 Hours)
Computer Science (21 Hours)
Culinary Management (19 Hours)
English (21 Hours)
Entrepreneurship (18 Hours)
Environmental Science (21 Hours)
Family and Child Studies (21 Hours)
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies (21 Hours)
Finance (21 Hours)
Forestry (22 Hours)
French (21 Hours)
Gender Studies (21 Hours)
Geographic Information Science (19 Hours)
Geography (21 Hours)
Gerontology (21 Hours)
Gerontology (24 Hours)
Health Informatics and Info Management (21 Hours)
History (21 Hours)
Human Nutrition (19 Hours)
Interior Design (21 Hours)
International Studies (21 Hours)
Journalism (21 Hours)
Kinesiology – Exercise Science (25 Hours)
Kinesiology – Health (23 Hours)
Management (18 Hours)
Marketing (18 Hours)
Mathematics (21 Hours)
Music (21 Hours)
Philosophy (21 Hours)
Physics (22 Hours)
Plant Science (18 Hours)
Political Science (21 Hours)
Professional Aviation (13 Hours and Pilot Certification)
Psychology (21 Hours)
Public History (21 Hours)
Sociology (21 Hours)
Spanish (21 Hours)
Sports Marketing (21 Hours)
Sustainable Supply Chain Management (18 Hours)
Technical Writing (21 Hours)
Theatre (21 Hours)
Wildlife Habitat Management (21 Hours)

What’s in it for me?
• A personal coach to guide you through the enrollment process and along the path to graduation.
• Classes that meet your schedule. Many programs include 100% fully online classes, accelerated courses, or accommodating class times.
• Discounted, flat-rate tuition for students who qualify for Compete LA.
• Recognition of credits previously earned from accredited institutions.• Scholarships, financial aid and grants for eligible students.

Degree Length: 4 Years

University: Louisiana Tech University

Classroom Format: In-Person

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