Business Administration, B.S.

As an internationally recognized business college, we have a great critical mass of alumni and partners who serve as successful role models investing their time, expertise, and resources in our programs. Our low cost tuition and excellent degree programs make our College of Business Administration one of the most desired programs in the nation. This degree has courses online and in-person.

What can I do with this degree?
Business administration, management and marketing majors are employed in all segments of the region’s business community.

What’s in it for me?
• A personal coach to guide you through the enrollment process and along the path to graduation.
• 100% fully online classes, accelerated courses, or accommodating class times.
• Credit for college credits previously earned from accredited institutions.
• Scholarships, financial aid and grants for eligible students.


Degree Length: 4 Years

University: University of New Orleans

Classroom Format: In-Person

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