Degree Program Addition

  • Description should be concise (3 – 5 sentences) and easy to understand. Example: If you’d like to further your education and enhance your employability, but you’re not ready to be locked into one particular field, a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree might be the right choice for you. It will give you a firm foundation in the liberal arts, while also allowing you to explore your interests by choosing courses according to your personal goals. You will gain sought-after skills—including critical thinking, writing, research, and communication skills—that will position you for success in any number of fields.
  • Descriptions should be a brief (2 -3 sentences) summation of post-graduation career options or a bulleted list of career options. Example: Interdisciplinary degree programs cover a wide variety of career choices. With a varied academic background, many students move toward careers in business or teaching where they can make best use of their broad learning experience. Example: Here are some common professional paths for graduates: • Entrepreneur • Operations Manager • Purchasing Manager • Sales Manager • Business Analyst • And more!