Going back to college can be difficult to fit into a busy life. What if it could be more flexible?

Compete LA Academy is an online monthly subscription platform that allows Compete LA students to start earning college credit for some courses immediately. Your coach will help you decide how Academy could help you finish earning your degree. Join Compete LA to receive Academy recommendations from your coach.

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Compete LA Academy offers the unique opportunity of beginning college coursework immediately. For just $150 per month you can earn credit for certain courses that will transfer to the university of your choosing. It’s a great place to start if you’ve been out of school for a while and want to ease back in.

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What courses are available through Compete LA Academy?

- Student success
- Introductory algebra
- College algebra
- Developmental writing-
- English composition I
- English composition II
- Introduction to biology
- Introduction to business
- Introduction to communication
- Introduction to sociology
- Introduction to psychology
- United States history I
Your Compete LA coach will help you understand which courses fit best into your degree plan.


How do I know which courses I should take at Compete LA Academy?

Your Compete LA Coach will provide you with a list of recommended Academy courses to complete as a part of the degree path evaluation that they have prepared for you.


How do I enroll in courses at LA Compete Academy?

To enroll in the Academy program, click, “Start Now”. Select Compete LA as the degree program and then select your destination university from the dropdown list. The system will then display the courses accepted for credit at that institution. Your Compete LA Coach will recommend which of those specific courses you should complete as a part of your re-enrollment process.


How long does it take to compete a course and how many can I take at once?

You are able to take multiple courses simultaneously. You decide your own schedule and approach in taking your courses, in consultation with your Compete LA coach. Most students will complete an Academy course in 4-6 weeks. Your time may vary based on the number of courses you are taking. Academy courses are self-paced and you are able to make progress based on your ability and schedule. You control the speed and when you complete.


What happens when I finish all of my courses?

When you have completed all of your recommended courses, you will connect with your Compete LA Coach for assistance with next steps for enrolling at your destination university. You will also send a transcript of the competed Academy courses to the destination university.


What's included in the program?

Compete LA Academy features support resources that are proven to help you succeed and are all provided with no additional cost to you.
- Live support from Student Support Advisors
- Free-of-charge eTextbooks for every course
- 10 hours of included one-on-one tutoring
- Access to RightTime Coaching featuring student success resources on topics like study skills and time management
- Success Library resources include topic videos, articles and worksheets